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‘I Write Like’ Website iwl.me finds your inner author

‘I Write Like’ Website iwl.me finds your inner author

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The literary blogosphere has been buzzing for a few days now about I Write Like at iwl.me, a new “analyzer” that lets you plug in some of your prose to see which famous writer you most sound like. The website was created by Dmitry Chestnykh, a 27-year-old Russian software programmer, and analyzes your writing sample for keywords. Then, within seconds, it spits back the name of the author your writing most closely resembles. Even film critic Roger Ebert couldn’t resist a try. “I Write Like thinks I write like Margaret Atwood, she writes like H. P. Lovecraft, and he writes like James Joyce,” he tweeted.

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  • I had a painting and drawing instructor whose major goal was to teach us to NOT depend on
    him for ideas and “projects” for painting. He succeeded well with me. I am approaching writing
    the same way. I see there are infinite things to write about even within the prose or “narrative slice of
    life” form I have taken a kinship with. I have lots of pieces going. It always seems nice to go back for that fifth draft or shove
    it in the trash piece. I do note the “trash” piece, and will revisit it another time in what seems like
    a vast future. If I do not get to it, someone else may. So…it’s OK.

    Mid-August is when we should be eligible for a house loan. I do have a house picked out–if it does
    not sell before then. It is Folk Victorian sitting on one of the bluffs of the great Missouri River in Leavenworth. One
    can go out to the narrow park across the street and see Eagles fly at the level of your eye. And I
    certainly imagine the wonderful bouquet of colors of trees on the opposite side of the river in the Fall, and the
    ice flows and blocks in the deep cold winters. And yes, you can see the river from the living room
    and the deck off the double French doors from the kitchen and hall. It is a small, three bedroom and
    two bath house; all new in old bones. I can breathe it in now…If per chance we do not get it, I have
    some others to speculate about. Whatever old bones I settle in I know this: I am putting up a mortuary
    fence with crosses all around it. The chickens will cluck and my little dog, Otto will be able to run
    his athletic self on his short legs and long body. Yes, he is a miniature dachshund. I am coming
    home to roost soon and my nesting includes writing, some art and maybe some Tupperware selling
    to make money until my craft speaks a little greener to me! What a hoot of a life I live! And of course,
    Leavenworth is so very rich in history for the state, the Civil War and me.

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