“For better or worse, Hyundai made its name on affordable cars. That theme hasn’t changed much, even with the release of the company’s largest premium luxury sedan, the Equus, at the New York auto show. While Equus competes with cars such as the Lexus LS 460, Mercedes-Benz S-class, and Audi A8, it comes in at a significantly lower price, with a base below $60,000.” – from CNET

“The luxury sedan has a longer wheelbase than the Lexus LS 460, is reminiscent of a previous generation Mercedes S-Class in its design, comes packed with an amazing litany of features, and, when it’s introduced in the fall, will cost between $50,000 to $60,000, according to Hyundai Motors America president and CEO John Krafcik.” – from Boston.com

“Buy a new Apple iPad for more than $50,000, get a free Hyundai. Those who buy a Hyundai Equus (top) will get an Apple iPad instead of an owner’s manual. 5:14 p.m. | Updated with correct image of the Equus. That’s not exactly the equation, but that’s the idea. Anyone who buys a new Hyundai Equus — the car will be out in September — will receive an iPad instead of a printed owner’s manual. “Who reads a 300-page manual anyway?” asked John Krafcik, the chief executive of Hyundai North America. “Instead, they’ll have a gorgeous color touchscreen loaded with the manual electronically, as well as photos of the whole Hyundai lineup.” – from NYTimes