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HTC One smartphone

HTC One smartphone

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We have been fans of the iPhone for a long time. It has taken some time, but competitors are coming in line with Apple’s smartphone. And in some cases, surpassing it. The Samsung Galaxy series has garnered the greatest success. Samsung has embraced Android and been aggressive in marketing and production of their smartphones. The result has made Samsung a top player in the game.

Samsung’s success has made it easy to dismiss other smartphone makers. Taiwanese manufacture HTC is one such company. But on April 19, HTC will release the HTC One smartphone – a strong and powerful device that measures up just fine to its rivals at Samsung and Apple.

Let’s get to a rundown of the HTC One. It is sharp and handsome. It boasts an all-metal unibody design, a 4.7-inch full hi-def display (468 ppi resolution), a quad core processor, a quality camera, and excellent sound, with speakers are from Beats Audio. You even have the ability to turn the HTC One into a universal TV remote.

The HTC One is veering from the norm when you examine the user interface. Instead of the traditional home screen, HTC has created a new interface called Blinkfeed. Blinkfeed is a stream of customizable social feeds. The user sets up what feeds they want showing up on their phone, such as Twitter or Facebook. There are over 1,400 different feeds to choose from. The look and feel is a bit like Flipbook. The new interface does offer a challenge to users who may not want a new experience such as this. However, BlinkFeed offers HTC a way to set it apart from its rivals.

Cost for the HTC One starts at $200 with a two-year contract with ATT&T or Sprint. T-Mobile will offer the phone for $100, plus $20 a month for 24 months.