We all hit potholes in our road to wellness, but sometimes, it’s a roadblock. Here’s something to help.

Hit a slump in your sport or exercise routine lately? Mystified about why your performance has fallen? Take heart–you’re not alone. Even professional athletes struggle with performance downturns. Andre Agassi slipped from No. 1 to No. 141 in world rankings in the late ’90s before climbing his way back up to the top. Tiger Woods did not win a major in ’03 or ’04, only to win six since. Sports psychologist Jay Granat, Ph.D., voted one of the “Top 10 Mental Gurus” by Golf Digest, says he often treats patients suffering from performance slumps. Some descend so low, they want to quit their sport. “They’ve consulted pros and gotten new equipment, but nothing works,” Granat says. – From Forbes