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Hövding Airbag Bike Helmet

Hövding Airbag Bike Helmet

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If you love cycling but hate your bulky bike helmet and its hair-mussing effect, a Swedish-designed “invisible” helmet aims to rectify your needs for fashion and safety.

The sensor-packed helmet invented by Swedish design house Hövding works like an airbag for your head. Unlike traditional skull shells, the helmet is a collar worn around the neck — and looks like a stylish scarf (plus you can swap out the shells to match your outfits) — with an airbag folded inside.

In the event of an accident, the device’s accelerometer detects abnormal movements that precede a fall, and the helmet inflates within a tenth of a second to form a pillowy hood that surrounds your head and neck.

The Hövding can survive a six-foot drop without breaking, and its battery lasts about an hour without charge.

If you live in Europe, you can get your hands on one for 3998 SEK, or about €445, or purchase a selection of shells to wear around your helmet for 498 SEK, or about €55, each. No word yet on whether or not the product will be available in other regions.

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