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House of Marley

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House of Marley is a company that takes two of Bob Marley’s most widely admired traits – his love of music and his commitment to excellence – and translates them into lovingly crafted, ecologically conscious products which aim to improve the experience of listening to music.

Built to support a Marley-esque lifestyle, the products are made extra-durable to withstand whatever curve balls life sends your way. They are created with natural, renewable materials and packaging, including sustainably sourced, FSC-certified woods, organic cotton and recyclable aluminum. And in case you needed another reason to feel good about purchasing House of Marley products: They support 1Love, a global movement dedicated to supporting youth, planet, and peace.

All products are tested with reggae music, with special attention paid to the bass sound in their headphones and speaker systems. Their in-ear headphones come in six different styles with three different sizes of ear tips, ranging in price from $29.99-$99.99. On-ear headphones come in six different styles ranging in price from $59.99-$199.99. They carry two portable speaker systems, the simple “Djembe” ($59.99) and the more complex “Bag of Rhythm” ($349.99), as well as a home audio system, the “Get Up, Stand Up” ($349.99).

If you’re looking for music accessories to enhance your listening experience, promote positivity in the environment and maybe make you feel like a little bit of a badass, House of Marley is definitely worth a look.

Reprinted with permission from Good Life Report.