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Hollywood ladies’ love for tiny shorts this season

Hollywood ladies’ love for tiny shorts this season

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With the summer clothing still being used for most parts, the fashion trend in Hollywood seems to be entirely drifting towards ‘short-shorts’. An increasing number of A-list ladies from the world of glamour seem to be donning this kind of teeny-weeny pair just about everywhere they stroll in town. From the recent appearance of these celeb ladies, we picked out a few that caught our eye:

Taylor Swift

Recently Taylor Swift took a break from calling names and dishing out instructions to her, and strolled out for some retail therapy. She was seen this white and blue combo of a geometric sweater and high waist teeny shorts.


Actress Elizabeth Moss has been in the news for her latest movie ‘Mad Men’. She was recently snapped on the set wearing a pair of black leather shorts and navy blue vest. Her short blond hair seems to add to her air of casual sexy appeal.

Selena Gomez

When one was beginning to think that Selena Gomez had taken a break from wearing those teeny-weeny shorts, it certainly ended up being a short lived one. On September 1, she was seen wearing a white pair of these shorts coupled with a similarly colored top, during one of her performances. On September 3, she chose an equally short pair coupled with leather boots.

Britney Spears

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Britney Spears still manages to turn heads, and for good reason at that. She has been caught up with her rehearsals for Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. She was recently clicked wearing denim cut-off shorts with a white-shirt, taking a break from her work with her man, David Lucado.

Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff is one star who doesn’t hold back on fashion statements, and the smile is ever so pleasing to so many hearts. Here, she manages to keep the media folks busy by strutting around in a pair of black leather leather shorts, but paired with a pair of suede boots and denim shirt. She had taken her pup for a veterinary exam, when she she was snapped in this attire.

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