Holland & Holland is a London institution, established in 1885. The venerable hunting brand’s 2011 autumn/winter collection features classic tweet shooting outfits for adventurous men, tailored wool jackets and pants, and organic wool shooting socks. Holland & Holland products are known for their durability and are hand-made in the UK.

Together with James Purdey and Sons, regarded as their primary competitor, they are the only gunmakers to hold a British Royal warrant of appointment. The warrant enables suppliers to advertise the fact that they supply to the royal family. Their clientele, since the 19th century, have included famous explorers, such as Frederick Courteney Selous, and royalty such as Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh and other sporting royalty, nobility, and numerous admirers. Online at:

Photographer: Jake Eastham
Models: Chloe Huntley, Amber O’Shea, Rosie Williams, David Blakeley, Urban Dhalov and Hugh van Cutsen
Styling: Dave Waterman and Gemma Martin