Toncelli Kitchens display beautiful designs enriched by craftsmanship and Tuscan design. The Italian company collaborated with Experientia to create a stunning kitchen for the next generation cooks. Captured in a minimalist design, the advanced technology integrating a Samsung Galaxy Tablet in the kitchen island’s sliding cutting board makes life easier and accumulated with the kitchen’s other high-tech features (innovative mechanisms for opening and closing the doors or carefully hidden handles) and a classy design, it gives a futuristic overall feel.

Named Prisma kitchen, it engages the user in a modern cooking experience. With an eye for design dating back to 1961, Toncelli created the interactive kitchen with a transparent top and base illumination, setting the stage for future kitchen designs. Just imagine how your life would be if each home cooked meal would benefit from a high-tech based preparation. This design proves that the future is already here.