Inspired by ikat, the dyeing technique used to pattern textiles, Hermès has designed Voyage en Ikat porcelain tableware collection. The French fashion house ups the ante during meal times by bringing this distinctive style of dyeing to the table. The term Ikat means “to tie” and is most characteristic of Indonesia. Voyage en Ikat celebrates intermingled uses and an ongoing dialogue between East and West. More than twenty hues centered on sapphire, ruby and emerald, are enhanced by 24-carat matte gold and come to life in designs composed ‘thread by thread’.Hermes_Voyage_en_Ikat_1 Hermes_Voyage_en_Ikat_2Pursuitist has picked up a few pieces from the collection designed by Damian O’Sullivan and Benoît-Pierre Emery to dress up the table for a total of $11,990 for traditionally designed meal times. Hermes_Voyage_en_Ikat_large_bowlA l$800.




Hermes_Voyage_en_Ikat_Presentation_plate_sapphire Hermes_Voyage_en_Ikat_American_dinnerplate_gold

Hermes_Voyage_en_Ikat_Teacup_saucer Hermes_Voyage_en_Ikat_ Creamer