Here is a perfect Christmas gift for those who are habituated to sign multi-million dollar deals and also those who are keen to carry their home office in a trunk. Hermès’ $60,000 Coffre à Lutrin is actually a folding desk that closes up in to a trunk like piece of furniture.

Hermes_Coffre_à_Lutrin_deskThough such a versatile design makes it ideal for any space limited work area, this creation from Hermès begs to differ. The multi-functional desk is not just a mere work station but an elegant object to make a dignified statement while getting work done. Dressed in an elegant combination of caramel-colored leather and sleek walnut, it is skilfully designed to accommodate shrinking work tools of this day and age like tablet computers and smartphones. However it doesn’t miss out on some space to hold magazines and papers too.

Exclusively designed by Philippe Nigro, it is inspired by vintage leather steamer trunk and is a part of an eight-piece collection showcased by the French manufacturer last April in Milan. In an attempt to churn out utility objects for everyday use, the Coffre à Lutrin is an object you have to discover, as described by the designer. Mr. Nigro elucidates, “The idea was to think about really useful, quotidian objects that you use maybe without thinking that you are using them.”

The New York Times has included this desk in its 2013 Christmas gift guide.