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Hermès iPad 2 Case

Hermès iPad 2 Case

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Hermès, the luxury leather-maker from Paris, has launched two iPad 2 cases — which are more expensive than an actual iPad 2 (if you can actually buy one).

The Hermes Station (above) is a book-style cover, that doubles as a stand. Available in a range of four colors, the Hermes Station costs $1,400.

The Hermes Swift (below) is a slipcase made from calf-skin leather and comes in 10 different colors. Cost of $820.

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  • Do you really need to spend that much for an iPad 2 case? Although it is very impractical thing to do, I know that a lot of people will try and purchase this accessory. Maybe, just maybe, fashionistas who don’t know anything about gadgets will even consider purchasing iPad 2 for them to have a reason to have this Hermes item. This will be the sweetest gift a man can offer to his partner but not everyone can afford this.

  • Well they were actually sold out in Paris a month ago and they are working very hard to restock them :)

    Two corrections:

    ‘Swift’ is not the name of the case … It is the name of the type of leather they use to make the case.

    They don’t just come in four colours… They also come the latest colour of the season (other than noir, etoupe, orange and ebene). I have seen the iPad cases in Lime and Rose Dragee Swift leather at the Fbg store in Paris.

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