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Here’s How to Step Into Glacier Before You Even Get to Iceland

Here’s How to Step Into Glacier Before You Even Get to Iceland

Icelandair’s newest plane is set to provide passengers with a guaranteed experience of the Vatnajökull glacier.

If you’ve ever flown Icelandair, you likely know that all of their transatlantic planes are named after Icelandic volcanoes.

This latest special livery joins the Hekla Aurora, created in 2015 and inspired by the northern lights, as the second hand crafted piece of artwork to adorn one of the Icelandair fleet. So now you can explore another natural phenomenon before you even land!

Commissioned as part of the celebrations for their 80th anniversary this year, this plane is being spray painted by hand, by the same team of artists who created the Hekla Aurora plane.

The process of airbrushing used to create the image of the glacier is a highly unusual, skilled job that will take the team a total of 24 days to complete using 195 litres of paint. It takes 1062 litres to cover the entire plane (which is over 200 domestic size tins).

This could just be the ‘coolest’ plane ever: Vatnajökull is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of Europe and is the largest glacier mass in Europe covering an area of over 8000 sq km.

To mark the launch of the Vatnajökull, a celebration flight took place on 13th May 2017, where a special flight path took it over the very glacier for which it is named.

*Images Icelandair via AP Images


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