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Hercek Billiard Cues

Hercek Billiard Cues

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Nice look at some of Joel Hercek amazing billiard cues buy Luxury Insider.

Joel Hercek creates fine billiard cues that defy expectations and are contemporaneous with the finest of fine mechanical watches. Each of the cues you see here is a unique statement, articulated via a traditional 19th century method, that takes at least a year to complete. Only 30 such cues are created each year so the exclusivity is built-in, which explains why there’s already 10-year wait-list. With prices beginning at USD20,000, the cues are made from such material as pre-ban elephant ivory and exotic hardwoods, spliced together to create stronger cues with superior balance. Precious metals and stones also find their way into the cues via Hercek’s art and craft. As you can see, Hercek’s cues are all about subtle details though, not a surfeit of glitter. – From Luxury Insider