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Have Tea with Picasso at Rosewood London

Have Tea with Picasso at Rosewood London



The chic Rosewood London has just launched a Picasso Art Afternoon Tea tied to the new Picasso and Paper exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Now through August 31, the tea service reflects world-renowned artist, Pablo Picasso’s most notable works in the form of beautiful pastries.


Playing with elements of Cubism and Surrealism, Executive Pastry Chef Mark Perkins has created three signature pastries to be served in the Picasso Art Afternoon Tea. Oh Those Guitars gives a nod to the popular guitar motif throughout Picasso’s work. The decadent pastry features a light meringue sponge infused with colorful orange blossom and honey ganache, topped with Turron flavored whipped chocolate cream.



Inspired by Picasso’s old mistress, The Dream is done in delectable Valrhona Jivara chocolate mousse with orange genoise and mango jelly with passion fruit.


Head of a Woman pays homage to Picasso’s love of sculpture, and his time spent in the Spanish mountains.  This 3D patry is made up of pistachio crumb with citrus vanilla cheese and a sweet wild strawberry filling, combining textural layers and sweet flavors.

Tea can be booked here: