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Hands on with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Tablet

Hands on with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Tablet

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Tablet will be the first major tablet competitor to hit the market in the wake of the success of the iPad.

Being the first major tablet on the market after the iPad would be a significant opportunity to grab market share.

PC World has a hands on the new tablet – with mixed reviews – at best.

The Galaxy Tab I tried clearly wasn’t a done deal: Its touch-screen froze for several minutes then began to work again, and its browser didn’t seem to want to load anything except Google. It’s too early to come to any firm conclusions, but I did discover aspects I liked (the basic form factor, some of the software) and problem areas (other software).

I didn’t really understand how the Galaxy Tab’s 7-inch screen really compares to the iPad’s 9.7-inch one until I saw them both in one place at one time. The Tab is half the size of the iPad — more like a mass-market paperback book than a magazine. (It looked a tad chunky to me, but that was an optical illusion — the thicknesses of the two gadgets are close to identical. Samsung uses the real estate on the edge for two SIM slots and one for MicroSD cards.)

PC World

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