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Handcrafted Grasswood Macbook Pro Covers

Handcrafted Grasswood Macbook Pro Covers

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The cases for  iPhone and iPad come in a variety of shapes, sizes and not to mention expensive materials. Swarovski crystals, gold additions and luxurious leather fabrics greet the Apple enthusiasts looking for a luxurious cover for their gadget. But today we stumbled across something more interesting.  The Grasswood Macbook Pro cover comes with an elegant design, built almost entirely out of bamboo. It was especially developed for the aluminium Macbook Pro and displays a vigorous, masculine look.

Grasswood Macbook Pro Cover is said to be handcrafted out of a single sheet of bamboo, a sustainable solution for a stylish product. The production process further involves smoothing the material and oiling it. At the end, for a full effect and maximum strength, a double coat of polyurethane is applied. On the inside, the cover features a soft wool linen, to protect the notebook from any kind of exterior physical shocks. A leather strap on the exterior enhances the overall safety feature and provides a visually appealing design element.

This elegant Mackbook Pro cover can be purchased online on the producer’s page here and has a price tag of £149.99.

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