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Hamptons Day Trip with The James New York – NoMad

Hamptons Day Trip with The James New York – NoMad

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
Hamptons Day Trip with The James New York – NoMad

The James New York – NoMad, a leading luxury hotel situated on the sophisticated Madison Avenue, offers guests an unparalleled experience, uniting the hustle and glamour of Manhattan with the tranquil, picturesque serenity of the Hamptons.

Imagine a single day where you awaken in a chic city suite, spend an idyllic afternoon on the sun-kissed beaches of the Hamptons, and finally retreat back to the sparkling lights of the Big Apple – all in effortless luxury. This incredible journey is now a reality, thanks to The James New York – NoMad’s ambitious partnership with BLADE helicopter service and Hampton’s Picnic Co.

A Lavish Day Out East

The James New York – NoMad has ingeniously crafted a day trip out East, promising an unforgettable blend of urban sophistication and coastal leisure. Teaming up with BLADE and Hampton’s Picnic Co., this new venture aims to provide an immersive journey tailored just for you and your guest.

A Taste of Luxury in the City

Begin your extravagant journey by checking into The James’ Jimmy Suite, where you will spend a restful night, surrounded by luxe furnishings and unparalleled views of the city skyline. Awaken to a sumptuous breakfast in the elegant atmosphere of Scarpetta’s café, a perfect prelude to the unforgettable day that lies ahead.

Hamptons Day Trip with The James New York

Soaring Over the Hamptons

Following breakfast, you will board a scenic, 40-minute BLADE helicopter flight to East Hampton. Soak in the breath-taking aerial views of the Hamptons, a private tour that is sure to leave you captivated.

Beachside Bliss

Upon landing, a private car service will whisk you away to a picturesque beach location, hand-picked by the experts at Hampton’s Picnic Co., ensuring the optimal experience during your visit. A luxurious beach day awaits, complete with beach chairs, towels, and a parasol – all prepared for your comfort.

Hamptons Day Trip with The James New York

Culinary Delights on the Coast

Indulge in a locally curated, three-course picnic lunch, offering a taste of the region’s finest culinary offerings. As you dine, the crashing waves and whispering breezes provide the perfect backdrop, heightening the pleasure of your alfresco dining experience.

Rosé To-Go

Before you leave the coastal haven, two bottles of local rosé from Wölffer Estate, a celebrated winery in the region, will be presented to you. Savor the rich flavors as you reminisce about your unforgettable day in the Hamptons.

A Nightcap in Manhattan

As the sun begins to set, you will embark on your return flight with BLADE, arriving back at The James in time to immerse yourself in Manhattan’s vibrant nightlife.

Starting at $6,106 for two, this package combines a suite stay, a helicopter ride, beach day essentials, a three-course picnic, and exquisite rosé. It encapsulates an experience of a lifetime, seamlessly merging urban chic with beachside leisure. Whether you’re a city lover or a beach enthusiast, The James New York – NoMad invites you to dip your toes into their latest summer offering – a unique Hamptons day trip that promises unforgettable luxury at every turn.