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Green Bistro in Osnabruck, Germany

Green Bistro in Osnabruck, Germany

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In a world where some people are too busy to even breathe, the need for fast-pace meals is getting more and more …global. But for those who like to mix speed with a little elegance, we found a modern bistro that has the ability to make lunch a pleasant experience. Designed by Siddik Erdogan & Jorn Frohlich, the Green Bistro is located in the Lengermann & Trieschmann department store, in Osnabruck, Germany. It has a sleek, modern design, complete with a lovely surrealist game of lines and shapes.

The atmosphere created by the design elements at the Green Bistro in Germany is contemporary and fresh, perfect for invigorating a person who just got out of the office. The ceiling is probably the focal point of the entire small restaurant, as it displays unusual decorative shapes. But the rest just seems to add up naturally, don’t you agree? Just have a look at the white chairs and tulip tables- can you think of a more inspired furniture choice?

With so many unusual “organic” decorations, the project gets a fluid look and features no sharp edges. Creating a sustainable setting, where people would eat healthy food, was the main idea when planning this modern bistro.