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Goutte Chandelier Pays Tribute To Romantic Parisian Dreams

Goutte Chandelier Pays Tribute To Romantic Parisian Dreams

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A chandelier plays the role of a beautiful statement piece in any room. Allow a well-designed chandelier to dominate the ceiling of a room and watch elegance cascade around the whole area. De Majo’s latest creation, Goutte, is designed to complement a décor without overpowering it. We have already mentioned about the Italian brand’s Levante chandelier that illuminates with candles.

DE MAJO_Goutte_chandelier_mainGoutte is much more than just a crystal chandelier and can be passed down through the generations as a treasured piece. The designer of this creation has been inspired by the picturesque and dreamy Paris set in warm and passionate summer and splattered by mid-summer rains. Designer Nicola Grandesso accounts his stimulating experience, “It was a late-June afternoon and I happened to be in Paris: I remember the sun being already low on the horizon when, suddenly, it began to rain.I took shelter in a coffee bar, ordering a cappuccino. To tell the truth, I had for some time been mulling over the idea of designing a new chandelier. The sight of that sunlight filtering through the raindrops absolutely fired my imagination: I wanted to freeze them in that instant, capture them.”

DE MAJO_Goutte_2The chandelier shapes up with a cascade of 350 crystal drops in three different sizes. The impressive cappuccino shaded central piece envelopes a chrome-plated metal structure. Spreading out to 120 cm diameter, the Goutte eliminates darkness with 24 lights which are draped with the finest white silk shades. Timeless elegance is interpreted by inimitable Murano glass, balancing well between the vintage element and a contemporary form.

DE MAJO_GoutteGrandesso also added that, “The nuance typical of cappuccino was studied at length, until the shade I had in mind was finally reached.” Each Goutte Chandelier is handmade and take about 5 weeks in making. It is available on order for $16,000.

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