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Google Goggles at the the J. Paul Getty Museum

Google Goggles at the the J. Paul Getty Museum

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Want to know more about the painting you are standing in front of while visiting the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles? Grab your smartphone and snap a picture of it, says Google. The team behind Google Goggles, the company’s image search and recognition engine, has “Goggles-enabled” the entire permanent collection at the gallery so users can discover much more about the painting than just the small amount of information that fits on the plaque beside it.

“You can use the Google Goggles app on your phone to take a photo of a painting from the collection and instantly access information about it from the Getty’s mobile-optimized website and the rest of the web. It’s possible to fit only a small amount of information on the wall next to a painting but visitors with Goggles can now enjoy the full story online,” explains Google in a post on the Official Google Blog.

Using Google Goggles and a web-connected Android or iOS smartphone users can read or listen to commentary from artists, curators and conservators.

Since launching Google Goggles, the internet giant has been constantly adding new works of art to its large database of recognizable images.

“In fact, anytime you stumble across a piece of art, whether it be a reproduction on a poster or a print in a book, you can take a photo with your phone and Goggles will recognize it and supply you with rich info,” reveals Google.

Just weeks ago Google introduced a new image search feature for its Chrome web browser. The reverse image search allows people to upload or drag an image into the browser to search for information about it. The feature can be used when you find a painting that you like and want to discover its name or the name of the artist who painted it.

You can view the J. Paul Getty Museum’s collection online here: