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Gold Vessel Hammock Bath Tub To Soak In The Lap Of Luxury

Gold Vessel Hammock Bath Tub To Soak In The Lap Of Luxury

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By definition, a hammock is used for swinging, sleeping, or resting and a bathtub is used for bathing. However UK based Splinter Works has elevated their functions by merging their forms in to one single Vessel.

Splinter-Works_Gold_Vessel_Bathtub_1Maintaining the core essence of rendering optimum relaxation, Gold Vessel Hammock Bath Tub will soak the user in the ultimate lap of luxury. The peaceful experience of kicking-back in a hammock has been further enhanced by combining it with the immersive comfort of soaking in a hot bath. The elevating experience of bathing in a suspended sculpture is further enhanced by coating it with gold.

Splinter-Works_Gold_Vessel_Bathtub_2Embellished in hand-applied gold leaf with clear lacquer, the Vessel is designed for use in a wet room. It is suspended from the walls and does not touch the floor. Shaped out of carbon fiber, the Vessel’s curvaceous structure promises sturdiness while the weave of the fabric references the cloth of a typical hammock.

Splinter-Works_Gold_Vessel_Bathtub_3While the bath is filled using a floor standing tap, the waste water is released through the base into a floor drain. Also if a wet room setting is not possible, Splinter Works offers an option of fitting it with a downpipe drain.

Splinter-Works_Gold_Vessel_Bathtub_4 Splinter-Works_Gold_Vessel_Bathtub_5High on luxury, the Vessel is also high on comfort as it spreads out longer than a regular bathtub. The 2.7 meter hammock-bathtub offers plenty of room to share the experience. The makers also offers to make customized sizes to cater to the user’s space demands.


Soak in the Gold Vessel Hammock Bath Tub for $102,800!

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