Some people believe that only two things pleasure man like nothing – the first one being the exquisite and glamorous women and the second, without any doubt, are the fast-pacing cars. Certain cars make you fall in love with them, but this one will mesmerize you for the rest of your life. We say this because the car in conversation is the only chrome-wrapped Murcielago GT 660. Created by the BF Performance, this luxurious and appealing custom chrome-plated Lamborghini catches everyone’s attention when parked or accelerating through streets like a glory-bird.

BF Performance that has transformed this worthy car is primarily a Germany based tuning company and has glorified this one of the most different and enchanting Lamborghinis on the planet. The developers say that it is world’s only chrome plated Murcielago. The exterior of this GT 660 beast is characterized by the shine that beats even the glitter of gold.

The blinged Lamborghini is not just about looks. It has an aerodynamic design with the extra powerful engine. 25 horsepower boosts up Murcie’s V12, whereas torque of 16 pound-feet yields an aggregate output of 660 hp. All this elevates the performance aspects of the wonderful supercar. The wheels are also crafted by the company. Not ending the luxury and class, it has 12-piece carbon fiber body kit accompanied by 15 new components that magnify its interior. Needless to say, owning this can will cost you a fortune.

Via: CarBuzz