The leggy supermodel has more to offer than just her looks. Gisele Bundchen, the face of Chanel N°5 ,opens the door to her house on the East Coast of the United States as she stars in the new Chanel fragrance ad. She also emphasizes on her deep connection to nature, mother Earth as well as the emotion of fragrance. gisele_bundchen_chanel_no_5_2Clad in fine camel cashmere, the Brazilian fashion model wanders around the outside of the lovely cabin-style home. Apart from flaunting her guitar skills, the 35 year old diva also does yoga and speaks about her addiction to meditation. gisele_bundchen_chanel_no_5_4In the two-minute film to promote the Chanel fragrance, Gisele asserts that “When I’m the happiest is when I’m anywhere in the middle of nature”. gisele_bundchen_chanel_no_5She goes on about her love for nature by revealing, “I love the smell of nature. For example, after it rains, in the smell of the earth, that’s my favorite smell. It just smells like wet earth.”

New York Magazine Via Chanel