Made from a combination of laser sintered glass-filled nylon for the arches and carbon fiber on the outside shell, the Gaudi Chair and Stool feature a 3D printed design part of an award winning collection from Freedom of Creation. The designers of the two seating units used modern technology and lightweight materials to create modern versions of an old inspirational technique.

Inspired by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s work with the “hanging chain” model  (weights on strings that served as upside down versions of the arched forms), the Gaudi Chair and Gaudi Stool display an elegant and imposing structure. The Gaudi Stool’s design was easier to accomplish, but for the design of Gaudi Chair’s backrest, a software script had to be used. In order to create two designs inspired by Gaudi’s famous works, the script had to take into account three things: the distribution of forces across the surface of the chair, the direction of forces that would define the direction of the ribs and the amount of force needed to specify the height of a rib. The final result is amazing, as you can see in the photos below.