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Garmin Fenix Chronos Collection

Garmin Fenix Chronos Collection

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Garmin unveiled this week its luxury collection of GPS sports watches, the Garmin fenix Chronos collection.

For those looking to up their style stakes even when sweating it out in the gym, the new fenix Chronos combines Garmin’s signature fitness tracking features with high quality jeweler’s grade materials and a luxurious new design.

Available in three premium finishes, titanium with brushed titanium band; steel with brushed stainless steel band; and steel with vintage leather band, the new collection has been designed to offer sports fan a fitness tracker which performs but with luxurious design and style to take you from any exercise to any event.


Based on Garmin’s popular fenix 3, the fenix Chronos can also be used for a variety of different sports and activities including running, cycling, swimming, SUP, rowing and golf, recording fitness data such as number of steps taken, calories burned, stairs climbed, and monitoring how restful your sleep is. Add on Garmin Elevate, the brand’s heart-rate technology, and the Felix Chronos will also monitor your heart rate 24/7, without the need of a distracting chest strap.

The fenix Chronos will also automatically upload all this data to Garmin’s mobile app, Garmin Connect, for an easy way to track your performance — and to show off to friends on social media how well you’re doing.

And for those worried about damaging their watch during workouts, each piece has been designed with a high-strength and scratch-resistant lens and comes with an interchangeable silicone sport band to offer a more functional option during training sessions.

The fenix Chronos collection is available now with prices starting at US$899.99.