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‘Gangnam Style’ Inspired Restaurants Launched

‘Gangnam Style’ Inspired Restaurants Launched

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One US restaurateur is hoping that the epic viral hit “Gangnam Style” from South Korea will have enough legs to bring his establishment more foot traffic by re-opening it under that name.
Spotted by celebrity gossip site, the Korean restaurant in Los Angeles rebranded itself from Soju Town to Gangnam Style last month, in homage to the viral video of the year by K-Pop singer Psy.

Psy’s video has gone down in history as the most viewed YouTube video ever, having registered nearly 814 million views in four months.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, the pop star has reportedly said he won’t pursue legal action for copyright infringement, because, “as far as he’s concerned, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

The LA eatery isn’t the only business to try and capitalise on the K-Pop phenomenon.

In New York, website spotted a Korean food cart that peddles bulgogi and barbecue chicken and pork platters, served, according to its menu board, ‘Gangnam Style.’