While $272,000 can get you an entry-level Rolls Royce Ghost, that much moolah can satiate your acoustic craving with an ultra-premium bespoke audio system from Yar. yar_audio_1The Rolls Royce of audio world is driving audiophiles crazy with Yar, the ultimate audio system offering truly unadulterated sound.yar_audio_5Sold through word of mouth and private events only, Yar’s eponymous system includes an integrated amplifier, two loudspeakers and a stand. Crafted entirely by hand, the price for each system starts at $272,000 and takes two to three months to make. Each system can be customized with a range of materials such as exotic hardwoods and precious metals like titanium, silver and gold. Along with extensive use of carbon fibre, it also makes use of the best components, materials and the most discerning of certified suppliers from the high-end car, aeronautics and space technologies industries. More exclusivity is featured in form of engraved signature of the buyer.yar_audio_4The maker requests clients to send photos and videos of where the system is expected to settle. Once ready, two Yar specialists deliver the system to the doorstep where they measure elements like the rapport between direct and reflected sound to position it for optimal listening.yar_audio_2Handcrafted in Italy, only 100 units of the YAR system comprising of  Feeld, B-Yond and Y-Der will be produced. yar_audio_playerFortune Via Yar