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FlightCar Introduces Car Sharing Program at LAX, SFO and BOS Airports

FlightCar Introduces Car Sharing Program at LAX, SFO and BOS Airports

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FlightCar, an innovative car sharing program has launched at three airports, enabling vehicle owners parking at the airport to rent out their cars to other travelers. The program allows vehicle owners to get free airport parking, while renters select from a wider selection of vehicles at lower prices than those offered by the major car rental chains.

FlightCar, which is free to join, is the first to bring this model to airports in order to serve air travelers.

Here’s how it works:

Owners list their car, by entering their vehicle and trip information in a form on FlightCar’s website. Owners get free parking and a car wash and vacuum every time they park. If their car is rented by another trusted member, they receive cash. Renter mileage is limited to 75 miles per day.

On departure day, the owner visits the FlightCar lot, located a few minutes from the airport. After a quick check-in, a black car will drop the vehicle owner off curbside at the terminal of their departure or another location within 10 minutes of the lot.

When the owner returns from their trip, a black car will pick him or her up at the curb. If the car was rented, the owner will receive compensation. In addition, by renting their car through the program, the owner saves money by not having to pay for parking at the airport while they are away.

For those wishing to rent a car can simply enter their trip information in the search box on the FlightCar website (FlightCar does not charge a membership fee). The renter can choose the vehicle type they prefer and book their rental. Before each rental, all cars are cleaned and tested. GPS and insurance coverage are included for free with each rental.

On arrival day, FlightCar will send a black car to pick up the renter at the curb (A text will be sent with instructions for meeting the driver). A FlightCar representative will greet the renter at its lot with the rental car.

When renters return their rental car to the FlightCar location, a black car will then drop them off curbside at the terminal of departure or another location within 10 minutes of its location.

On the FlightCar website, a recent inquiry for a two-day car rental at the San Francisco Airport received results that ranged from a compact for $20/day rental to a minivan that was priced at $143/day. A luxury SUV (2001 to 2014), which might be a Porsche Cayenne, Volvo V70, BMW X3 or a Mercedes GLK class, for example, was offered for $101/day. Vehicles depicted on the website are not the specific make or model of the car the renter will receive and are only a representation—similar to renting a vehicle online from a rental company such as Hertz, Avis or Budget.

Currently, FlightCar offers three locations including Boston Logan Aiport, San Francisco International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. The company does try to match up owners who park their cars in one location with a similar car in another location.

All rentals are insured with a comprehensive $1 million policy that protects both owners and renters. So it is not an issue if the vehicle owner’s personal auto policy does not “allow” a non-family member to drive the vehicle or if the policy has an exclusion that would not cover any incidents that occur while the vehicle is being driven by someone in exchange for another financial consideration (cash). Indeed, with FlightCar, the owner’s insurance never comes into play. FlightCar covers the owner with $1 million in primary liability coverage and primary collision/comprehensive coverage up to the full value of the car, so even in case of an incident, FlightCar takes care of everything for the vehicle owner.

According to FlightCar, many states have laws that explicitly prohibit insurance companies from cancelling a policy if a car sharing program is used (check with your own insurance carrier for more details on this).

For more information see the FlightCar’s website or call (844) 358-227.

Image courtesy of FlightCar