Developing new methods of improving the comfort level in our homes, creating versatile furniture pieces to better customize our immediate surroundings, world-wide designers bring their own puzzle pieces to the international design table. Snug was designed by Prague-based Kumeko with a twist – a soft inner cushion surrounded by a sleeve makes up a shell-like support for the body. With an integrated belt on the top of the sleeve, the fun-looking furniture item promises relaxing moments spent in privacy or with friends.

Flexibility seems to have been standing at the base of the design. A playful color choice makes the design not only stand out, but become the focal point in the room. Snug is made of a special material developed by Kumeko: “Jersey tubes stuffed with polyurethane foam are woven into the 100% wool felt creating a 3D double-sided pattern. The wool felt retains the temperature inside the sleeve and makes the item durable, while the jersey tubes add soft padding.” Care to give them a try?
Snug by Kumeko  (2)

Snug by Kumeko  (3)

Snug by Kumeko  (4)

Snug by Kumeko  (5)