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Fauchon To Celebrate Eclair Week

Fauchon To Celebrate Eclair Week

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Celebrating its annual Eclair Week, Fauchon, the French gourmet food and delicatessen company, is releasing a limited-edition box set containing 10 of its most emblematic creations.

Fauchon has been celebrating the art of the eclair each fall for 10 years with its annual Eclair Week. The event sees the gourmet food firm reissue the eclairs that have proved most popular among fans. The history of the brand, famously located in the French capital’s Place de la Madeleine, has been marked by the success of the quintessentially French cake.

The popularity of the traditional treat hasn’t escaped former Fauchon pastry chef and eclair virtuoso, Christophe Adam, who now runs his own L’Eclair de Génie stores specialising in the delicacy.

From September 14-23, Fauchon will be rolling out its Tahitian vanilla, raspberry and coconut & lime eclairs alongside savoury creations like the “homardine” lobster-based concoction or the salmon tartar and yuzu cream eclair. Sweet eclairs are priced €7 with savory creations priced €8.

A limited-edition box set will also beavailable containing 10 standout creations, such as the “Rainbow,” the “Joconde” and “Hokusai,” as well as the eclair designed to celebrate Fauchon’s 130th anniversary last year. The box also contains must-try classics such as dark chocolate, strawberry and salted caramel eclairs, and costs €65.