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Wearable Tech: NFC Ring Unlocking Mobile Phones and Doors

Wearable Tech: NFC Ring Unlocking Mobile Phones and Doors

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What a lovely surprise to see that when it comes to wearable tech we have more than two options. We’ve seen so far the buzz produced by Google glasses and we still have plenty of things to learn about the smart watches.

A UK-based designer, John McLear, suggests a different type of experiment: the ring that unlocks doors and mobile phones. Reminding us of “the precious” (the super-powerful jewel from the Lord of the Rings), the NFC (near-field communication) ring is a smart gadget that can unlock the door, access your phone and send your personal information to others. The content is “transferred” wirelessly between your phone and other devices. “Best of all the NFC Ring glides right onto your finger – no updates, no charging, and no fuss.”

It works easier than you think

Take your phone out of your pocket, slide your hand under it and you’ll see miracles “do happen”. The phone will unlock itself automatically without even touching the screen. In order to use the ring as something more than a piece of jewellery, you will need to install a special app. When it comes to sharing information, the smart ring has two inlays: a private and a public one, so basically, you share only what you want and keep the rest of the information as private as you want. You can find more information about this gadget on Kickstarter.


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