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Faceted Swarovski Crystals showcased on luxury furniture collection

Faceted Swarovski Crystals showcased on luxury furniture collection

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Nothing spells luxury these days like adding Swarovski crystals to designer pieces. Famous designer Carlo Rampazzi’s Colombostile Rampazzi Swarovski Crystal & Platinum Leaf Dining Table comes to show that dining in luxury is one of the best ways to gather around family and friends when money is no issue. This splendid Swarovski crystal furniture collection by Carlo Rampazzi can be seen at High in Design – these crystal studded pieces were created for those who want to display a spectacular range of luxury furniture in their homes.

The sophisticated furniture collection features generous displays of faceted crystals, adding a highly regarded elegance to any modern, bold space. Hand-crafted to be durable and extremely close to perfection, the collection is a must have for those who pride themselves in showcasing the most magnificent studded furniture pieces. Remember the luxurious Carlton Hotel St. Moritz in Switzerland? It showcases the same genius luxury design talented Carlo Rampazzi has been blessed with.


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