A phone charger that fits in your pocket is truly an awesome acquisition, especially when it comes to iPhones! We all know that the iPhone is not exactly the type of phone that amazes you with its long battery life, so a small gadget such as Phonesuit, can be, most of the times, a blessing. “The PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger  gives you the freedom to to charge your iPhone 5 instantly anywhere, without the use of wires or reaching a power outlet.” It’s about the size of a thumb but it’s powerful enough to fully charge an iPhone 5. Don’t underestimate the power of this little fellow! Apparently, its powerful 2600 mAh battery can boost the life of your iPhone with 125%.

Carrying wires and devices, that are anything but subtle, can be annoying. The small and elegant device offers you freedom and since it charges your phone anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy the full benefits of a mobile lifestyle.

Some of the advantages:

  • No wires
  • It charges in your hand, while talking
  •  It fits in your pocket
  • It charges your phone without having to remove the (phone’s) case

Well, last but not least, the small charger can be purchased from phonesuit, for $ 69, 95.