Imagine an Egyptian pendant light – like the one in the pictures below – hanging above your reading corner while you indulge in re-reading your favourite book… These silver-coated copper pendant lights handmade in Egypt display elegant filigree works.  Hammered brass drilled with various patterns creates fantastic light effects on surrounding walls, adding character to the room.

The filigrain pendant lights are available in large and small, giving you the possibility of choosing the right size for your rooms. Decorative and functional, the sophisticated pendant lights help create an elegant, comfortable and slightly mysterious space. The star-shaped pendant light can adorn your bedroom or play a cheerful role in the children’s room.

Each of these pieces displays delicate hand-crafted patterns and each combines traditional manufacturing techniques with modern pendant light design. Pear-shaped, round or star-shaped, the pendant lights explore a charming, meticulously hand-made pendant light design. You can find them at Le Souk and enjoy as soon as you have them around.