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Exploring the Two Sides of Luxury in New York: 1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Exploring the Two Sides of Luxury in New York: 1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
The 1 Central Park and The 1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotels

Pursuitist’s Exclusive Visit to 1 Hotels: Unveiling the Quintessential New York Luxury Experience at 1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

Experience the dynamic and ever-evolving spirit of New York City by exploring two of its diverse, yet equally captivating neighborhoods: Manhattan’s luxurious 6th Avenue and Brooklyn’s eclectic and picturesque Dumbo. 1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge offer the quintessential New York experiences – providing a unique blend of opulence, cutting-edge design, innovative dining, and exclusive services, all tailored to satisfy even the most discerning globetrotter.


1 Hotel Central Park

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, the 1 Hotel Central Park is a beacon of unparalleled sophistication and style. Its prestigious address on 6th Avenue allows guests to easily explore the city’s premier shopping district and world-renowned Central Park.

  • Property and Amenities: The hotel offers a tranquil oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city. It features elegant, sustainably designed rooms with stunning park views, smart technology, and luxe amenities. The top-tier wellness center offers personalized fitness classes.
  • Dining and Bars: Named “Best Chef in New York City” by the James Beard Foundation, Chef Jonathan Waxman brings his seasonal cooking to Jams. The open kitchen, exposed brick, reclaimed oak, and greenery-lined patio make the space as dynamic as the food.
  • Rates and Rooms: Rooms range from the plush City Lounge King to the sprawling Park Suite. Prices start from $600 per night and can reach up to $4500 for the premium suites.
  • Why Pursuitist Worthy? 1 Hotel Central Park strikes the perfect balance between luxurious comfort and sustainable living, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious luxury travelers.
  • Nearby Hotspots: Enjoy exclusive shopping at high-end stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Tiffany & Co. Visit iconic cultural landmarks like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), or take a leisurely walk in Central Park.
1 Central Park Hotel
1 Hotel Central Park

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

In contrast, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge stands as a testament to the neighborhood’s transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a creative, bohemian hub. It offers its guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Dumbo’s vibrant culture and arts scene.

  • Property and Amenities: The hotel’s interiors feature locally sourced, reclaimed materials, adding an authentic Brooklyn flavor. All rooms offer sweeping views of the East River and the Manhattan skyline. Other amenities include a rooftop pool, private screening room, coffee shop, and onsite restaurant and bars.
  • Dining and Bars: The hotel’s in-house restaurant, ‘The Osprey’, offers a seasonal menu that celebrates Brooklyn’s diverse culinary heritage. For an unforgettable nightcap and amazing views, visit ‘Harriet’s Lounge,’ which preserves the values of an old-fashioned cocktail lounge, against a backdrop of panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline.
  • Rates and Rooms: Rooms start from the cosy Bridge King to the luxurious Riverhouse Suite. Prices range from $500 to $3500 per night.
  • Why Pursuitist Worthy? 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge provides an immersive Brooklyn experience with its commitment to local culture and its stylish, artistic vibe.
  • Nearby Hotspots: Explore the burgeoning art scene at the Brooklyn Museum and the street art in Dumbo. Enjoy the vibrant food scene at Smorgasburg, the largest weekly open-air food market in America.
1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel
1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

In the realm of opulent escapades, the city of New York stands as a unique blend of diversified cultures, tantalizing cuisine, and artistic beauty. Each encounter unravels a fresh story of riveting experiences – from the grandiose art exhibits of Manhattan to the charismatic food bazaars nestled in Brooklyn’s core, from the verdant expanses of Central Park to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge’s silhouette, every facet of this metropolis celebrates its vibrant diversity and energetic soul.

1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge deliver a harmonious merger of Manhattan’s upscale allure and effervescent arts scene with Brooklyn’s stylish, multifaceted, and historical charm. This creates a travel experience that transcends boundaries, melding luxury, comfort, and genuine local experiences to yield a uniquely New York City adventure.

At Pursuitist, we’ve curated a way to distill the quintessence of this magnificent city through accommodation at two of 1 Hotel’s exemplary properties. This ensures a journey that immerses guests deeply into New York City’s rich cultural fabric.