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EXIMO Sipping Rum

EXIMO Sipping Rum

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A trend in the spirits industry is the growth in alternative drinks, which includes rum. While rum has traditionally been used in mixed cocktails, there’s always been a high end market for good sipping rums. Dark aged rums have always been highly valued by connoisseurs.

eximo2That brings us to a new sipping rum, EXIMO, one of four expressions from the FACUNDO Rum Collection and developed by Maestro de Ron (Master Blender) Manny Oliver. To create EXIMO, Oliver experimented with blending before aging, using a blend of medium to heavy bodied dark rums then aging them in white oak barrels for over a decade. The result is a clear golden oak rum with notes of walnuts and vanilla harmonized to perfection and a long, rich finish.

A delicate process, blending before aging relies on the Master Blender to expertly tailor the flavor and aroma balance before Nature’s contribution through aging.

EXIMO is recommended to be sipped on the rocks (but it does just fine in any cocktail). A bottle will cost about $60.