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Exclusive: BMW launches iPad and iPod Out Integration

Exclusive: BMW launches iPad and iPod Out Integration

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At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, BMW has launched support for the iPad — which they call “Original BMW Accessories – BMW Carrier for Apple iPad Office Mode.”

Additional, as BMW was one of the first auto companies to support the iPod, that innovation continues with iPod Out. The new feature allows applications on Apple devices to be controlled and experienced with the iDrive interface. iDrive features album art and genius lists from your connected iPod or wirelessly via bluetooth with your iPhone or iPad. The Pursuitist contacted BMW, to see if older versions of iDrive are upgradable to the iPod Out feature and other questions, and here’s the official response from Tom Kowaleski, BMW Vice President Corporate Communications.

Q. When will the iPod Out feature be available in BMW Autos in the US?
A. We have not yet announced exact dates when this feature will launch but it could be as early as this Fall, phased into some models

Q. What is needed to have this function, will iDrive be required?
A. iDrive will be required, as will the Bluetooth option.

Q. What models will be supported?
A. We have not yet which models will be featured at launch. Eventually it should be available across the line, but no timetable for this has been released.

Q. Will older models with iDrive be able to add this feature in?
A. No retrofit will be available.

More details officially from 2010 Paris Motor Show:

Thanks to the intelligent linking of the driver and his vehicle with the wider world, BMW ConnectedDrive is able to create fascinating possibilities for boosting comfort and safety as well as optimising the use of infotainment functions. BMW ConnectedDrive also takes the global lead when it comes to connecting smartphones and music players in the car. At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, BMW showcases a globally unique technology for integrating BlackBerry smartphones in the car, which among other things permits the display of emails including the text-to-speech function. BMW also presents the new Bluetooth interface technology that was created for the Apple iOS 4 operating system and allows the new Apple iPhone 4 to be integrated, among other devices. Also on show is the iPod Out function, which optimises the operation of various Apple music players in the vehicle. New possibilities for online use are opened up by the WiFi hotspot function that provides rear-seat passengers using a notebook or iPad with wireless internet access while on the move.

As we mentioned previously, BMW is the first car manufacturer to announce support for the little-heralded iPod Out feature from the iOS 4.

The feature allows all devices running the latest version to output the iPod interface to an external screen. Compatible devices include the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 as well as the second and third generation of iPod Touches. Despite using the BMW iDrive system, the interface is Apple’s own and seems rather like a combination of Front Row and the traditional iPod interfaces of old. Eschewing animated graphics of album art for a basic menu interface makes for easier navigation and less distraction from the road.

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