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Ethiad Unveils New First Class “Residence” Cabins

Ethiad Unveils New First Class “Residence” Cabins

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Etihad Airways is leading the way in the industry’s quest for ultra-luxury travel in the skies. The brand’s A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner are now offering a new private suite experience for discerning travelers, The Residence by Ethiad.

“These new living spaces will raise inflight product and service standards to their highest level yet in commercial aviation and alter air travelers’ expectations of inflight comfort and luxury forever,” said James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ President and Chief Executive Officer.

With this change, the airline has also re-named and reconfigured its class structure.

The Residence

Available only on the airline’s A380 aircraft, The Residence is a completely new forward upper-deck cabin accommodating single or double occupancy. Each Residence features a private living room, separate double bedroom, and ensuite shower. Guests in The Residence will also have a personal Butler, trained by the Savoy Butler Academy in London. Each Etihad Airways A380 will offer a boutique version of The Residence with different color palettes, table marquetry and custom carpets.

Guests in The Residence will also have a dedicated VIP Travel Concierge team who will ensure every detail of their travel experience, including ground transport, cuisine, and amenities, are tailored to their requirements.

First Apartments

Nine First Apartments will be installed on the upper deck in a 1-1 configuration, making Ethiad the only single aisle First Class cabin in the industry.

Each First Apartment, which has a 64 inch high sliding door, includes a reclining armchair and a full-length ottoman. The ottoman transforms into a separate 80 inch long fully flatbed.

Each apartment also features a chilled mini-bar, a personal vanity unit and a swiveling TV monitor for viewing from either the seat or the bed. The Apartments have a 74% larger footprint than the airline’s current award-winning First Class Suites.

A fully equipped shower room is available on the A380 for exclusive use by First Class guests.

First Suites

On the B787, Etihad Airways has designed an enhanced First Suite, this airliner’s version of a “First Apartment,” with many new features. The eight First Suites in a 1-2-1 configuration along a unique curved aisle, another first in commercial aviation.

Each completely private First Suite has a large seat and ottoman, which converts into an 80.5 inch long full-flat bed.

On the center seats, the armrests retract and the suites can be joined to create a ‘double’ bed. Other features include a chilled mini-bar and a 24 inch TV monitor.

New Business Class: Business Studios

On both the A380 and the B787, Etihad Airways will launch its new Business Studios which provide 20% more personal space than the airline’s current business class seat.

Configured 1-2-1 in a forward and aft ‘dovetail’, the Business Studios all have aisle access and the seat converts into a fully flat bed of up to 80.5 inches long.

New Social Spaces: The Lobby

On the Airbus A380, First and Business Class guests will be able to relax in The Lobby, a serviced lounge and bar area located between the First and Business cabins.

Providing a semi-circular leather sofa, a marquetry table and a large TV screen, The Lobby is designed for relaxing and socializing.

The TV has a USB connection so it can be used for sharing content or it can also be set to the airline’s Live TV channels for sporting and other events.

For The Rest of Us: Economy Smart Seat

New Economy Smart Seat will offer a unique ergonomic fixed-wing headrest, giving guests a place to rest their head for added comfort and relaxation.

The seat also has a lumbar support feature, allowing guests to adjust their seat comfort, and an 11 inch personal monitor screen, with all the IFE peripherals conveniently set into the seatback in front.

Personal entertainment systems are available for all seats.

Etihad Airways has developed prayer areas which can be curtained off for privacy and are equipped with a real-time electronic Qibla-finder showing the exact direction of Mecca based on the aircraft’s geographical position.

With the launch of these new aircraft, Etihad Airways will update its dining equipment, amenities and soft furnishings across its entire fleet.

Costs have not yet been revealed, but we’re predicting something in the neighborhood of $20k per Residence, each way.

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