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Equinox Hotels Unveils Wellness Videos

Equinox Hotels Unveils Wellness Videos

Equinox Hotels Unveils Wellness Videos

Equinox Hotels, which targets affluent fitness buffs, has made their in-room meditation and wellness videos available on YouTube.

Developed to help their hotel guests and travelers sleep better and wake up refreshed, the videos have been uploaded on YouTube for viewers to watch for free online.

Equinox Hotels comes from the same group as the premium fitness chain Equinox, which has 100 locations in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Working from home during lockdown with a lot of distractions and need to focus? There’s a video for that.

Other meditative podcasts include themes like Rise,


and Sleep.

For those who are having trouble sleeping these days, the PM Rituals videos are designed to help viewers relax, relieve stress and prepare for sleep. Targeted stretches are developed to increase circulation in areas where tensions tend to accumulate, whereas calming breathwork will restore balance to the mind and body.

Equinox Hotels opened its first location in New York’s Hudson Yards, with locations in Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago also slated to open in the next few years. Another health and fitness hotel chain is EVEN Hotels from the InterContinental Hotels Group.