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Elegantly Patterned Théâtre of Saint-Nazaire in France

Elegantly Patterned Théâtre of Saint-Nazaire in France

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Paris-based K-Architectures imagined a sculptural facade for the elegant Théâtre of Saint-Nazaire. Do not hesitate to approach the splendidly patterned construction when you visit Saint-Nazaire, France, it’s elegant floral pattern will burn its image into your mind and you will find it there next time you need inspiration. Théâtre of Saint-Nazaire was designed by K-Architectures as a stamped concrete ode to 17th century silk textiles.

These amazing flowers swirl around the concrete facade, perfectly fitting in with the adjacent neoclassical train station destroyed in world war II. The large monolithic structure displays this latticed facade, with most of the patterns carved and only a few completely cut into the concrete. Inside, the main auditorium is flanked by the hall, the rehearsal area and dressing room, defined by the chestnut planks hiding them.