Elegance can be captured in many shapes around you home, one of them being the pieces part of the Leaves Sideboard Collection. This white, subtly elegant furniture collection was designed by Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo and manufactured by Tonin CASA. The storage units collection is inspired by organic shapes found in nature and this is how each piece managed to encompass a beautiful set of three-dimensional printed leaves on each door.

Delicately perforating the surrounding interior design with its pure white, almost fairytale-like composition, the Leaves collection displays a functional body resting on short legs. Although the outside looks small, the interior offers plenty of space to store a wide range of items. Perfect for both a colorful interior, in which the sideboards will sparkle with pride or for a monochrome space, where its fine details will catch your attention, the Leaves Sideboard Collection will surely spark up a conversation.