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El Purista Smoker’s Chair

El Purista Smoker’s Chair

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Smoking might be considered a bad habit, but as with most bad habits, it can be made alluring with the right aesthetic. Grabbing a quick cigarette on a windswept corner during a work break is dreary, but settling into a luscious leather chair to enjoy a glass of brandy and a cigar? Now that’s classy. The El Purista smoker’s chair, designed by Chilean architect Rodrigo Gonzalez, offers just such an experience.

The frame of the El Purista is made of fragrant Spanish cedar, whereas its cushions are upholstered with soft, ecofriendly aniline leather. The armrests offer a simple and elegant storage solution for your smoking paraphernalia: there’s a built-in ashtray, as well as enough room for cutters, cigars, matches, and even a bottle of whatever spirit you prefer to pair with your cigar.

Current price quotes for this luxury lounger range between $3,100-$6,000 USD.