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Eidos Wearable Tech: The Sensory Augmentation Equipment

Eidos Wearable Tech: The Sensory Augmentation Equipment

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Since  Iron Man, the legendary Marvel character is so popular these days and since technology evolves so rapidly, why don’t we pay more attention to gadgets that keep our childhood dreams untainted? We grew up with all those Marvel characters and each and every one of us thought at a certain point of having super powers, but somehow, in time we realised that super abilities are real just behind the screen. Guess what? Not anymore! Eagerly creative and full of enthusiasm, a group of students from the Royal College of Art in London developed two masks, one that increases the sight and the other, the hearing senses. Is it me or this actually feels like Iron Man?

Eidos Vision

The first mask targets the sight. Eidos Vision captures a scene and then, in order to process it,  it sends it to a computer. The information returns to the viewer with enhancements, detecting patterns of movement.


Eidos Audio

The second mask enhances the hearing. It covers the mouth and the ears and it cancels all noises except the one you want to hear. Audio has three channels: left, right and central mouth piece. This helps the user hearing a voice right inside his head.

These two masks activate the hidden powers of human perceptions and help the user reach new boundaries. Is this the future?