Fido needs to stay hydrated, just like you and me.

The “dog days” of summer are already here with high temperatures by 9 a.m. and afternoon thunderstorms. As you take precautions to protect yourself and your family from the oppressive heat, don’t forget to consider you pet’s comfort and safety. If you are spending more time inside to get away from the heat, so should your pet. Even with water and shelter available, unless your doghouse is air-conditioned it is going to be too much for them and can result in heat stroke and death. Limit walks to early morning or late evening after the sun has gone down and be sure to take bottle of water for your comfort and a small bowl, or collapsible water dish for him and stop along the way to rehydrate. Dogs with short noses and especially heavy coats are at an increased risk for overheating. – From Daytona Beach News Journal