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Donna Karan’s Modern Classics Bedding Collection

Donna Karan’s Modern Classics Bedding Collection

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Nice look at the new Donna Karan Bedding Collection.

Donna Karan: The name and brand synonymous with the New York Woman. The Donna Karan empire spans the globe and has changed the way women dress and accessorize themselves. Now, the brand’s reach has expanded into the woman’s home with the Modern Classics home collection. All the standards that have made Donna Karan a major player in the fashion world for decades now apply to her undeniably luxurious bedding. Designed for effortless simplicity, the flexible, interchangeable pieces that make up the collection follow in the same vein as Donna Karan’s ready-to-wear collections do: offering pieces to women and allowing their senses to respond for their own look. The home collection is no different. – From Just Luxe