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Dom Pérignon Starts Collaboration with Designer Iris van Herpen

Dom Pérignon Starts Collaboration with Designer Iris van Herpen

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Dom Pérignon partners with Dutch designer, Iris van Herpen to create an exclusive organic-like champagne gift box. As part of the Power of Creation project, the new design marks the end of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 as we know it and celebrates in the same time the process of transformation into a more evolutive version of it, P2-2004.

power of creationStrongly rooted in the concept of metamorphosis, the new design recalls the regenerative character of nature and the organic power of wine. The uniquely crafted structure acts like a shield that protects the bottle. Daring and innovative, the Cocoonase (name given to Herpen’s whimsical work of art) aims to express the duality of time focusing on both, past and future. “Magnetised and covered in the prickly formations, the structure of the wine embraces movement and energy. Crafted from a dark green, stone-like material, the structure suggests both rapid and slow metamorphosis.”

dom_perignon_metamorphosis_iris_van_herpen_designboom_03__1413024463_96517 (1)The Cocoonase surprises the intricate fullness of wine itself. Each gift box is signed by the designer and it embodies symbolically the idea of evolution, transformation and renaissance.

The brand’s famous collaborations include highly creative people such as: David Lynch, Mark Newson or Jeff Koons.