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Dive In To This Secret Underground Boat Bar in Phoenix

Dive In To This Secret Underground Boat Bar in Phoenix

Yo, Ho, Ho and a menu of rum (and vodka, tequila and mezcal)! You won’t find a sign on the street for this secret underground cocktail hideaway in Phoenix, but UnderTow is an absolute must for those looking for trendy sips while in the Valley of the Sun.

Guests find UnderTow’s 34-seat Tiki Bar below decks of a 19th century Clipper Ship — or so it feels. Despite the rolling and pitching you might imagine after a drink or two (or perhaps because the bartenders stage sways and knocking bottles), UnderTow rests firmly under a popular Phoenix coffee shop.

UnderTow’s atmosphere is unmatched, but make sure to keep a watchful eye on the portholes. As you cruise the jungle river, complete with skirmishes with the locals, cannons firing, and sea storms, you’ll witness lights flashing, arrows flying, and other scenes of the pirate life.

At the center of its kitsch are UnderTow’s tiki cocktails, the menu for which can be found dispersed on the pages of a treasure hunt adventure book. They vary in their tropical flavors with temptingly wicked names like Dutchmen’s Demise, Smuggled Goods, or Never Drink From a Skull. But the ultimate sip selection is Malloy’s Treasure ($35), which is theatrically served in a cinnamon-smoke filled treasure chest.

When in Phoenix, this UnderTow is the watering hole where we prefer to get carried away. Reservations are almost required to enjoy the experience, which is strictly 90 minutes — no more — and suggested for super small groups, individuals or couples.