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Dior ‘B33’ NFT Sneakers by Kim Jones

Dior ‘B33’ NFT Sneakers by Kim Jones

Dior Unveils the Exclusive ‘B33’ Sneakers by Kim Jones: The Intersection of Luxury Fashion and Technology. 

Unveiling a trailblazing addition to its sneaker lineup, Dior introduces the B33 sneaker. This avant-garde footwear piece merges the aesthetics of a skate shoe and a sneaker, perfect for navigating the urban jungle with style. But it’s not just the contemporary design that sets the B33 sneakers apart – it’s the innovative embrace of digital technology within each pair.

B33 sneaker owners will find more than just a shoe in their hands. Tucked in the sole of the right shoe, an encrypted digital key provides an entryway to a realm of personalized, exclusive services, transforming the pair into a passport of luxury and innovation. This individualized portal sheds light on the shoe’s production journey, offers sneak peeks into forthcoming sneaker drops, and presents an authenticated certificate of the footwear.

The pioneer batch of B33 sneakers takes this a notch higher. Limited to just 470 pairs, these editions boast a Digital Twin Collectible, a non-fungible token (NFT) secured on the Ethereum blockchain. Not only does this validate the shoe’s authenticity in the digital world, but it also provides a golden ticket to an exclusive preview from Kim Jones’ Dior Men’s Spring ’24 collection.

In essence, the B33 sneakers encapsulate a fusion of contemporary fashion design, cutting-edge technology, and luxury exclusivity. Each pair serves as a tangible testament to Dior’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its forward-thinking approach to the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With the B33, Dior is not just creating footwear – it’s defining the future of fashion.


Dior 'B33' NFT Sneakers by Kim Jones

The Creative Genius: Kim Jones

Masterminded by the innovative Kim Jones, Dior’s Menswear Artistic Director, the B33 sneakers are set to be the season’s coveted collectible. The first of seven unique styles, this limited-edition mohair shoe intricately weaves Dior’s signature Oblique pattern into its design. Exclusively available online from July 6, only 470 privileged buyers will have the opportunity to snag a pair.

The Digital Dimension: Blockchain and NFTs

What truly sets the B33 apart is its unique digital identity. Each pair will have a corresponding, matching NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain – Dior’s innovative approach to ensure authenticity and security. This exclusive version, matched with a digital twin NFT, comes with a hefty price tag of $1,350.

The Future Styles: NFC and Encrypted Keys

Following the initial release, Dior plans to introduce six additional styles of the B33. These future iterations will come equipped with an NFC chip embedded under the sole of the right shoe. This chip connects to an encrypted key, providing access to a personalized, secure online platform. While these pairs won’t carry the digital twin NFT, they will boast digital certificates of authenticity and other exclusive services that remain shrouded in mystery for now. The price for these versions will hover between $1,000 and $1,100.

The Blend of Fashion and Technology

The launch of the B33 sneakers signifies a watershed moment in the luxury fashion industry. With this release, Dior proves that it’s not just about the fashion; it’s about the fusion of style and technology. By successfully avoiding the often-confusing blockchain jargon and focusing on the product benefits, Dior is tapping into the zeitgeist of Web3 and cryptocurrency trends. The B33 sneakers are not just footwear; they’re a bold statement on the future of fashion and technology.

In this ever-evolving digital landscape, Dior is reinventing what it means to be fashionable. The B33 sneaker is more than just an exquisite design from Kim Jones; it’s an emblem of the progressive fusion of fashion, luxury, and technology.

The Dior B33 arrives at select retailers from July 13.


Photo Courtesy Dior/Casper Kofi