Going to the dentist has never been more fun than now. But who would have thought that dental offices would be the place you look for inspiration when it comes to space arrangement and design? This dental clinic in Viernheim, Germany can pride itself on having an extremely calm, professional and intriguing collection of office spaces. Responsible for this design is architect Peter Stasek, who tried a new concept of interior design for dental practices themed “healing effects of organic shapes and natural structures”.

This was specially developed for Dr Bergmann, the international accredited implant dentist of Dr.Bergmann & Partner. The Dental INN welcomes its guests with a stylish 300 square meters set of interiors comprised of 6 treatment rooms, a sterilization room, a conference room, a patient lounge. All these are gathered around a central island that acts as a reception desk, an x-ray room, a back office and a kitchenette. Covered in a monochrome overprint of the Viernheim forest, the interiors offer a relaxing feel and the interesting effect of the LED illumination with programmable color scenarios create an interesting atmosphere.